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Princesses, Pigs, and Peccadilloes is a compilation of unique fictional children’s short stories. 

This is a great book for a variety of young readers, whether they are reading on their own or following along with their parents at bed time. 

This book contains 4 short stories, all of which are then broken down into multiple chapters giving parents and children alike easy stopping points, although the stories are fascinating and I didn’t stop once!!

The content is easy to follow, but in no way dumbed-down, which is another reason I feel it is suitable for multiple ages. 

All of the stories are heavy on dialogue and contain beautiful descriptions, which really make the stories spring to life. 

I personally thoroughly enjoyed the “real” content involved such as problems with keeping a large castle heated, and loved the real life analogies to gossip and why women go to the bathroom together. 

The author has beautiful use of alliteration, which is a powerful technique to keep children interested and involved. 

Princess Amber is a great character full of extremely intelligent problem solving ideas and I believe she would be a great role model for young girls. 

Amber’s dragon journey is very unique and quirky, and far from predictable. 

The author also seamlessly teaches lessons about prejudice without bogging down the lightness of a children’s story. 

Princess Adelaide is another great female role model, and her story reminded me of the beginning of the movie, “The Swan Princess”. 

She is spunky, self-assured, and not afraid of who she is, I loved her!

The last story is a great example of how all the money and materials in the world won’t make you happy. 

The two princesses are extremely likeable and relatable characters. 

I really enjoyed and appreciated the artwork throughout the book, and believe it will make the stories even more relatable to children as kids created them.  

This is a great addition to your child’s library!

I would rate this book 5 stars and it’s buzz worthy!

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Book Review By Sue Robb

From Tasmanian Home Educating Newsletter

Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes

By Fiona Lohrbaecher

"Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes" is Fiona's second self published book, and once again a delightful read!

The short stories in this one are a little longer than those in Fiona's first book, Triffic Tales, but once again they hold that wonderful mix of "tongue in cheek" humour with an ever subtle moral to each tale.

Amber & Fiona Lohrbaecher produced the artwork on the front cover, Elise Wood was the artist for the back cover, drawings of newspaper, pigs and peccadillo are by Ahren Lohrbaecher and Amber was the artist behind many other illustrations throughout the book.

There are four stories to enjoy in Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes.

The first one is "Princess Amber and the Dragon", and I must admit that I could not help but picture Amber Lohrbaecher in my mind as I read this funny story, I could feel her character was ever present!

The next story is Daisy and Piggery.... no, not "the" Piggery! Piggery is the name of a boy, who was abandoned as an infant and found by a kind farmer in his piggery, hence the name.... of course! Piggery has a positive, robust character despite his "dubious beginnings", he feels that he was intended for great things.... and he could well be right!

The two stories that follow are, Princess Adelaide and The King and the Sparrow.

There is a definite theme that runs through all these entertaining tales. You have a sense that they are staged in time long ago.... of course the best time for Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes, surely.... but the references to "modern day" comforts or accessories give a humorous edge and, I feel, allow the characters and themes to be more accessible to young readers.

Fiona’s Princesses, Pigs and Peccadilloes is now available for purchase and so is Triffic Tales by contacting Fiona directly at:


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