Pigs and Peccadilloes 

is a collection of four 

humorous stories for children 

aged 7 and above. 

In Princess Amber and The Dragon, the princess comes up with an unusual idea for solving the heating problems in the castle.  But she'll need some help from the dragon-slayer's grandson, Warwick, a tone-deaf one-man band.

Piggery is Daisy's best friend.  Found as a baby by Farmer Dumpling, Piggery dreams of adventure and finding his real family.  What happens on the day Piggery rides off on a big white horse?  And will Daisy ever see him again?

Princess Adelaide doesn't wear dresses and tiaras and she definitely does not want to go Prince Alexander's Ball.  Neither does the prince.  Could it be anything to do with the Black Crows' gig that's on the same night?

King Edgar is the cruellest, most powerful king in the whole world, but he's not happy.  One day a magic talking sparrow flies into his palace promising the king happiness if he leaves his throne behind and does everything the sparrow says for a week.  Will the king accept the challenge?  And will he find happiness? 

Paperback  160 pages



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