Triffic Tales is Fiona's first book.

Triffic Tales is an entertaining collection of short stories and cartoons from Geeveston author and artist, Fiona Lohrbaecher.  Perfect for dipping into when you've got a few spare minutes, keep it in your beach bag, on the coffee table or beside the dunny.  Only if you do read it in the dunny don't laugh too loud or everyone will wonder what you're up to in there.

To preview the book on Blurb , Click Here Triffic Tales

Some Hope - can hope help us overcome adversity?

Future Digest - why can't you get a vegetarian meal in the future?

A Hair-Raising Tale - can Harbottle's hair restorer put hair on a billiard ball?

Secret Admirer - Having a secret admirer ahs changed Harold's life but will he ever discover her identity?

Albert Ross - Albert never crossed the road in case he got hit by a bus.

Holiday in the Sun - some people make the most of their holidays, some people just like to toast on their holidays

Emily's Story - Emily had no idea of the kerfuffle her story was going to cause.

High Seas Spirits - why are crew members falling overboard on the night watch?

The Mirror - what secret does the mirror hide?

Reunion - will this be their last college reunion?

Plus the cartoon adventures of Colin the Commuter and A Supermodel Retires

Paperback 120 pages

$1 from the sale of each 

book will be donated to 

Brightside Farm Sanctuary 

to help with their work of 

rescuing and caring for 

neglected and abused 

farm animals.

Triffic Tales is available from:

A Bit Curious, Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Hobart, Tasmania

and directly from the author at

Price is $17.95 AUD. 

Post and packing is FREE inside Australia and AUS $5.00 worldwide.

FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE for orders of 3 or more books. 

Payment can be made by cheque or by PAYPAL. Email for details.


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